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Ambire Wallet is the open-source, self-custodial smart contract wallet that focuses on improving the crypto user journey. Ambire Wallet Featured Exolix Launches …
Ambire is a Next-generation and Open-source Smart Wallet that Supports The Following Features:
Hardware wallet support: Trezor, Ledger, and Grid+ Lattice1 Connect any dApp through WalletConnect Automatic transaction fee management Paying transaction fees in stablecoins Dashboard that automatically displays all your assets: tokens, NFTs and deposits to DeFi protocols Transaction preview: before signing a transaction, we show a human-friendly description of what it does, step by step Built-in swaps and cross-chain transfers Multiple EVM networks: Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche and many more
In addition, we offer features intended for users who are just starting out in Web3: Sign up with an email/password without compromising the non-custodial nature of Ambire (read on to find out how this works) Deposit FIAT with credit card or bank transfer via our on-ramp partners And also some features intended for power users: Transaction batching: ability to perform multiple actions in one transaction Automatic frontrunning/sandwiching protection via Flashbots Multiple signers (keys) can be used to control the same account: e.g. a hardware wallet AND a software wallet; those can be easily enabled or disabled The first Web3 wallet that combines power, security and ease of use, while also being open-source and non-custodial. The Web3 wallet that speaks human The Web3 wallet that makes crypto self-custody easy and secure for everyone. Built on Account abstraction.
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